What is the difference between a Landing page and a Squeeze page?

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Landing Page and Squeeze page

Having a website is generally considered the starting point for the online presence of a company, but in order for the website to be useful and effective, it is necessary to implement a solid conversion strategy. In fact, all the site should be structured as a landing page, however what we want to discuss today is not how to optimize a website but what a landing page is and the difference with a squeeze page.


What are Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages? What are they used for? What’s the difference between one and the other?

A landing page is a page that the visitor usually reaches after clicking on an advertisement or on a link. This page is structured as much as possible to be consistent with the searches that will lead the user to visit the page. The main objective is to turn users into customers.

They are normally used in the context of paid advertising campaigns such as Google Ads, Facebook, etc

A squeeze page is a type of landing page created specifically to encourage visitors to leave their data by filling out, for example, a newsletter subscription form or otherwise leaving their email address. The purpose of obtaining the user’s email address is to use it for a subsequent direct marketing campaign to promote a product or a service.

Landing Page

What is the difference between the landing page and the squeeze page?

As we previously mentioned, the landing page and the squeeze page are both landing pages that aim to convert the user by inviting him, or her to take an action. Therefore, what is the difference?

The difference lies in what action we want the visitor to take. The landing page has the primary objective of transforming the visitor into a paying customer by selling a product or service. An example of a landing page would be a page that invites you to start a free software trial or buy a discounted product. The squeeze page instead aims to convince the user to leave their data, the name and email address is often enough. For example, think of a page that offers a free download of an ebook in exchange for your name and email address.

Although the difference between a landing page and a squeeze page may seem minimal, some details in setting up the funnel can make a big difference in the acquisition of leads and customers.