Can Google Help Companies Internationalise?


Up until just a few years ago, offering products or services abroad was a prerogative reserved only for large companies. Today, thanks to the digital revolution, small and medium sized businesses can also compete in international markets.

The Internet has torn down barriers not only for companies that deal with foreign trade, but also those offering less tangible services such as counseling, education, etc. However, starting out with eyes closed, and performing random actions can be counterproductive and does not lead to desired results.

Although the internet grants access to the global market, actions carried out must be adapted to the individual target country. First of all, one needs to identify the market, understand the demand patterns, the target audience and the competition in order to develop a correct and effective international marketing strategy.

Digital is a huge help in this sense and digital agencies are made up of experts who are able to assess the potential of each individual company in an any given market and develop a specific targeted strategy.

digital marketing agency

Some actions could be:

  • Have a website translated into the languages of the selected markets
  • Having online marketing channels (website, landing pages, social media) localised and expressly aimed at users of that particular country
  • SEO strategy for the optimisation of the website for search engines in the targeted country and based on local searches
  • PPC campaigns aimed to target the country in the languages of the selected markets
  • Localised content aimed at users in the selected market

Are there digital tools to internationalise the business?

There are several tools available that can help a company in the process of internationalisation. Some easier, and give a generic idea of the potential opportunities. Others are more complex and are generally used by SEO and Digital Marketing specialists to obtain strategic and detailed data.

One of the tools provided by Google free of charge is Market Finder. It makes life easier for those who decide to explore new markets.

market finder

This tool helps to first identify the best markets to offer the product or service, using certain parameters. These would include monthly search volumes, recommended bids for AdWords, competitions, and households’ net disposable income. It also provides clear guidelines and suggestions regarding logistics, localisation, international payments and appropriate languages. Obviously, it also suggests the best ways to advertise.

Our advice is to turn to digital marketing agencies that really understand. They will be able to use more advanced tools, create better and more effective strategies that will penetrate international markets through digital means. Furthermore, they will be able to work in synergy with the company to achieve the best results.

If you want to receive free advice on how to position your products or services in a specific market through SEO strategies, Pay-Per-Click Advertising or Content Marketing, do not hesitate to contact us.