Hey You! Here is How to Double Your Website Traffic

website traffic

You have invested money to create your company website or online store, but despite having an attractive design and a fantastic user experience you are not satisfied with the number of visitors.

In reality the title of this blog post is a fallacy, because not only can you double the traffic to your site, but with a good job and consistency you can even triple or quadruple it.

How to increase visitor traffic to the website?

To increase visitor traffic to your site, this must first be visible when users search for your products or services on search engines. Unfortunately, to be visible it is not enough to make an impact on Google, we need be present in the right place at the right time.

Have you ever visited a new city and searched for a good restaurant to dine using your smartphone? I bet you clicked on the various search results on the first, or second page on Google ignoring all the other results on the third, fourth, fifth, and tenth pages. What? You have never looked at the results beyond the third page in your life? You’re not the only one, 80% of people do not either.

It is therefore clear that in order to be visible, one must be able to position the website on the first page of search engines and preferably among the very first results.

increase website traffic

How to place a website on the first page of Google?

The answer is twofold: SEO and PPC.

SEO consists of a set of practices aimed at optimizing websites and content to improve their ranking on search engine results consequently increasing the targeted traffic to the website.

Another method that should not be an alternative but a complementary technique is paid advertising also called PPC (Pay Per Click).

Who do you need to turn to for SEO or PPC?

Many may have some basic prior knowledge about how to optimize a website or how to create a campaign with Google Ads, however, very few are really able to take a website from the tenth to the first page or guarantee a return on investment from a PPC campaign.

To get effective results you will need to turn to an SEO expert. With an excellent optimization plan it is realistically possible to increase the traffic of potential customers to the website and consequently increase turnover.